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We offer an advanced precision bending service which ensures unrivalled accuracy in our folds every time.

Laser Cutting

Our on-site laser cutting technology offers unparalleled levels of accuracy, speed and efficiency.

Forming & Rolling

Our rolling and forming service can create multiple bends and rolls in sheet metal with incredible precision.


Welding is a fabrication that joins materials by using high heat to melt the parts together and then allowing them to cool, causing fusion.


Stud welding is a process by which a metal stud is joined to a metal work piece by heating both parts with an arc.


PEM self-clinching studs are installed by placing them in properly sized holes in sheets and squeezing into place with our specialist PEM insertion equipment.

5-Axis Laser Cutting

ELC Laser Group’s 5 axis laser is the most advanced laser platform. It enables the processing of 3 dimensional components or products.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a process that puts a coating on an item electrostatically. The finish is longer-lasting than conventional paint and is used on aluminium products and automotive parts.

Wet Painting

Wet Painting is the application of a liquid paint as a finish to metal products. The powder coating process adds a thick final finish which is more durable than conventional wet coatings processes.


Galvanising is the process of applying a zinc coating to steel protect it against and rust corrosion. The most common method is hot dip galvanising which involves the immersion of the steel product into molten zinc.


Electroplating is the process of plating one metal onto another to prevent corrosion of a metal. There are specific types of electroplating such as copper plating, silver plating and chromium plating.


Anodising is an electrolytic process for producing thick oxide coatings, usually on aluminium and its alloys and is used to give improved surface resistance to corrosion.

From Consultation
to Concept

Our experienced in-house design and manufacturing consultants will walk you through the process of turning your idea into a product you can be proud of.

We take a personal approach to each project which will start with a brief consultation to get to know you and your project. From there, we will generate a CAD/CAM file which we will use to deliver your product.

From Consultation to Concept

Our Process

Taking You
From A-to-ELC


We deliver on-time value solutions using the most advanced technology.


We formulate the best possible implementation of our services to deliver on time and on budget.


We work closely with you to ensure your product is designed and delivered to your precise specifications.


Once a product is completed, we ensure it meets our highest standards and exceeds your expectation.


We ensure that all products leaving our facility are met with the strictest level of compliance and quality assurance.