Who We Work With

At ELC Laser Group LTD, we’re proud of the work that we do across many sectors and across many countries and continents. Working with different companies, people and industries allows us to provide quality, efficient products to our clients from planning and design to delivering the finished product. Below, we look at our relationship with Sedana Medical.

Sedana Medical

Sedana Medical is a Swedish medical technology company. The company’s business includes the development, marketing and sale of medical devices and drug development for future projects around AnaConDa.

The AnaConDa enables simple delivery of volatile anaesthetics to invasively ventilated patients. The company’s product range includes AnaConDa and AnaConDa-S with relevant accessories FlurAbsorb-S.

FlurAbsorb is a charcoal filter used for removing halogenated hydrocarbon anaesthetic gases such as Isoflurane or Sevoflurane. The device is comprised of a 2L plastic container filled with activated carbon and various filters. The external lid is fitted with a 22m connector to allow connection to the ventilator.

Accelerated Destructive Testing

Our remit was to design and manufacture a flexible attachable support mechanism to facilitate multipurpose use in clinical applications.

Our initial design comprised of an anodised Aluminium version which matched the criteria set but our accelerated destructive testing programme highlighted the possibility of potential stress cracking over prolonged periods of usage. 

Our experienced designed team very quickly proposed a particular grade of Stainless Steel used previously having greater fatigue resistance. The product was manufactured from this material, passed all testing requirements and is in use throughout the world.