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Who We Work With

At ELC Laser Group LTD, we’re proud of the work that we do across many sectors and across many countries and continents. Working with different companies, people and industries allows us to provide quality, efficient products to our clients from planning and design to delivering the finished product. Below, we look at our relationship with Bausch & Lomb.

Bausch & Lomb is an eye healthcare company dedicated to enhancing life for tens of millions of people around the world

ELC Laser Group Ltd is privileged to be considered a strategic supplier of bespoke products to Bausch & Lomb. Part of our remit is to design and manufacture process equipment or systems that enhances Bausch & Lomb’s production capabilities and process efficiencies. One of such supplies of Heat Exchangers, a vital component in the inline sterilisation of contact lenses.

ELC Laser Group’s input encompasses

Extensive design
Material suitability testing
Details manufacturing procedures
Product approval
Accelerated compliance testing involving:
– Process and life span trials
– Helium leak testing
– Pressure testing
– Thermal imaging

ELC Laser Group have been manufacturing heat exchangers for in excess of six years along with improved Product Flow Systems. ELC Laser Group is currently contracted by Bausch & Lomb to design, manufacture and commission a dedicated product handling system.