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Who We Work With

At ELC Laser Group LTD, we’re proud of the work that we do across many sectors and across many countries and continents. Working with different companies, people and industries allows us to provide quality, efficient products to our clients from planning and design to delivering the finished product. Below, we look at our relationship with Ecovolve.


Climate Change and Ecovolve: Today Climate Change is reeking dire consequences on the environment as we know it. Climate change impacts are projected to increase in the coming decades and during the rest of this century. 

Uncertainties remain in relation to the scale and extent of these impacts. The greatest uncertainty lies in how effective global actions will be in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

ELC Laser Group Ltd is always eager and committed to working with existing or start-up companies whose corporate goal is to produce alternative products to those producing carbon emissions or zero emission products.

One such company is Ecovolve. It produces compact electric green machinery with zero emissions and low noise.

Ecovolve has a very streamlined assembly process and so in the intervening years, ELC Laser Group Ltd and Ecovolve have worked hand in hand to hone component tolerances, sub assembly configurations and overall assembly definitions to enable Ecovolve achieve its triple series ED 800, ED1000 and ED1500.

Quoting Sean Breen, owner of Ecovolve: “ELC Laser Group Ltd is to Ecovolve what IKEA is to households worldwide”. Using Ecovolve Electric Dumpers is one effective action towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We all can play our part.

ELC Laser Group Ltd is to Ecovolve what IKEA is to households worldwide.