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Who We Work With

At ELC Laser Group LTD, we’re proud of the work that we do across many sectors and across many countries and continents. Working with different companies, people and industries allows us to provide quality, efficient products to our clients from planning and design to delivering the finished product. Below, we look at our relationship with CG Controls.

CG Controls are the world leader in Vial Counting platforms. These platforms are designed to count vials in trays thereby eliminating the requirement for manual intervention.

Their VS-110P machine Vision framework enables the rapid deploying of cost-effective, reliable and accurate Vial Counting solutions. In addition, the platform’s non-contact processes ensure the safety of medical laboratory personnel.

Design and Manufacturing

ELC Laser Group Ltd were tasked with the design and manufacture of a convenient loading mechanism, shielding the trays from ambient lighting during the counting operation. This entailed considerable design through our 5 axis simulation software, prototype build and accelerated testing prior to approval and sign-off. We are delighted to be associated with CG Controls; a world leader in Vial Counting platforms.